Theoretical Physics

My original research was focused on using ideas in string theory (in particular the AdS/CFT Correspondence) to try and learn about the strong nuclear force. I still do research in this area focusing on symmetry breaking patterns in strongly coupled field theories. I also do work in quantum many body systems, and quantum dynamics in lower dimensions.


I work with doctors and biologists on data taken from lab experiments or from patients/participants. I mostly focus on tropical diseases such as Malaria and Chagas, though I also do work on neuroscientific data using machine learning techniques.

Machine Learning

My primary interest in machine learning is on the interplay between Reinforcement Learning and human cognition and behaviour. I supervise many students in Reinforcement Learning, as well as Supervised and Unsupervised Learning for a wide variety of applications from neuroscience, to understanding attention to multi-agent settings.


I supervise students working in mathematics education, and have published work on Mindset and how it affects University students in South Africa studying mathematical subjects.

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