Efficient Quantification and Characterization of Bacterial Outer Membrane derived Nano-particles with Flow Cytometric Analysis


Andreas Wieser, Enno Storz , Gabriele Liegl, Annabell Peter, Michael Pritsch, Jonathan Shock, Sun Nyunt Wai, Sören Schubert


27 July 2014


There currently exists no efficient and easy method for size profiling and counting of membranous nano-scale particles, such as bacterial outer membrane vesicles (OMVs). We present here a cost-effective and fast method capable of profiling and counting small sample volumes of nano-scale membranous vesicles with standard laboratory equipment without the need for any washing steps. OMV populations of different bacterial species are compared and even subpopulations of OMVs can be identified after a simple labelling procedure. Counting is possible over three orders of magnitude without any changes to the protocol. Protein contaminations do not alter the described measurements.