Entanglement entropy of α-vacua in de Sitter space


Sugumi Kanno, Jeff Murugan, Jonathan P. Shock, Jiro Soda


16 July 2014


We consider the entanglement entropy of a free massive scalar field in the one parameter family of α-vacua in de Sitter space by using a method developed by Maldacena and Pimentel. An α-vacuum can be thought of as a state filled with particles from the point of view of the Bunch-Davies vacuum. Of all the α-vacua we find that the entanglement entropy takes the minimal value in the Bunch-Davies solution. We also calculate the asymptotic value of the Rényi entropy and find that it increases as α increases. We argue these features stem from pair condensation within the non-trivial α-vacua where the pairs have an intrinsic quantum correlation.